Classic furniture made of cherry-wood, mahogany, oak and acayou

Are You looking for classic English furniture or French period furniture for exclusive suites, lovely dining rooms or do you desire chic boardroom furniture, traditional bookcases or library cases? Old & New England offers a magnificient collection with a broad range of options, including the pure classic as well as more contemporary designs. The furniture of cherry-woodoak, as well as the Acayou furniture, is of the highest quality with a top-quality finishing.

Dining room

Old & New England has a variety of tables and chairs for a stylish interior of your classic dining room. Our collection includes tables of various shapes and sizes and chairs designed in wood or upholstery. The tables and chairs are made of oak, mahogany or cherry-wood.

Classic office furniture

bureelmeubelenOur collection of desks offers a broad range of classic office furniture, in which we focus mainly on the English desk. This traditionally made classic desk is a stylish addition to your office of other workplace. The desks are available in various designs and sizes. We will gladly assist you in selecting a classic desk that will fully meet your wants and needs.


Old & New England offers a collection of the fine cases in many shapes and sizes:
Bookcases, library cases, traditional library wallcases, display cabinets, sideboards and flatscreen furniture.

Suite furniture and small-scale furniture

We offer a lovely assortment of coffee tables, wall tables, consoles and other small-scale furniture that you can use to add style to your classic interior.